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Movie Editing Rules!! Empty Movie Editing Rules!!

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:28 pm

1. Upload your video to

2. It isn't mandatory to upload original clips. (Only in the case where the judge will ask original clips ).

3. The logo must be in the beginning of your videoclip. ( little bit later organisator will show you logo, which you should to use.)

4. You can use effects on your video. (But the judges have possibility to evaluate your battle)

5. Tracks: your choice (you can use speed up tracks). But you should not use other styles of music(Only Hardstyle)

6. It is prohibited to use old solos( Those solos that you used before in league or solo movie).



Video must be titled :

OneDies Jumpstyle Championship | You | Group X
ODJC | You | Group x

OneDies Jumpstyle Championship | You vs Opponent | 1/x FINAL
ODJC | You vs Opponent | 1/x FINAL

One part of jump should last at least 20 seconds, it's minimum length.

Speeding up or slowing down video is strictly prohibited.

Reuploading is NOT ALLOWED

Jump without shoes is NOT ALLOWED!!

Intro must be placed at the beggining of the video, it can be edited but not too far from original

All effects are allowed


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